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17 Nov

The project manager, team, client etc. assume that the plan (usually a Gantt chart) is:

  • understood
  • correct
  • robust, sufficient & efficient

This is rarely the case, consequently the project manager or underling spend much time modifying the plan. Which is inefficient.


Projct management tools are too late

17 Nov

The issue with most tools is that they measure things, i.e. are retrospective. (the plan is prospective – but with the expectation that it will change as work progresses, or slips which is more usual). Consequently such tools are only for measuring, not for motivating or directing the work. After all one of the key problems with projects is the people involved. There will be more payback from getting the people geared up on the project at the start than trying to herd them when things start slipping. So what tools exist to modify the behaviour of the team/ clients at the start of the project?

Calculating Earned Value

17 Nov

While this concept has been around for some decades (so it must be useful in some cases),  it still only looks at secondary data (i.e. expenditure), it doesn’t use the product set as the measure of progress.

Version 2 of PPAPR-DEAR

17 Nov

ppapr-dear v2

I’ve made a few changes to the style of presentation & fixed some errors. The approach & method outlined remain the same.